5″ GPS Case Handlebar


This high quality 5″ GPS with interior dimensions of 160mm(w)x95mm(h)x30mm(d) is designed for larger SatNav models – see product specification for suitable models. For smaller SatNav models see our Standard GPS case.

This case comes with robust swivel handlebar mounting for motorcycles or bicycles and fits all handlebars up to 33mm diameter.

The case features waterproof zip, touch through front panel and bottom entry for GPS cables, so you can also charge your satnav whilst riding your motorcycle. Inside the case is dense foam material to dampen vibration and push your satnav unit against the screen to ease operation. The amount of foam you use can be altered to suit your satnav model.

A unique security screw feature is provided to lock the case to the mount if required. The case can be removed, leaving the mount in place, for easy storage whilst out or at home.

GPS charging cables are available in our cables section.

This case also comes with other mounting options including RAM mounts and mounts designed for scooters – see our 5″ GPS Section. We also now do this case with integral sunshade.



  • Accepts all 5″ GPS units
  • Touch through front screen
  • Robust handlebar mount
  • Cable port

Product weighs 0.25kg